Italy nude dating sim games dating games

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Italy nude dating

Back on the 30th October, while I was flicking through the pages of Italian newspaper Il Corriere Della Sera, I came across a nude businessman, or rather a full page advert showing a businessman wearing no clothes.

The planned expansion had not occurred when Emmott contacted Technogym for an update ten months later.The president’s aides were also reportedly anxious that he not be photographed too close to a giant bronze statue of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius on horseback.The Iranians objected to what one Italian newspaper delicately described as “the attributes” or genitalia of the huge horse, which dates from the second century AD.Italy’s high, complex, and difficult to pay taxes combined with the virtual impossibility of sacking employees tend to make matters worse. Other markets with a thirst for Italian goods are China, India and Vietnam.Throw in a legal system which moves more slowly than a 100 year old tortoise and it becomes clear that Italy has more than a few troubles. Am I surprised Italy’s export market is doing so well? Italy makes a vast range of extremely desirable products, many of which fall into the virtually crisis-proof luxury sector, as you will discover if you take a look at the blog of Italian luxury adviser Salvo Spagna, who I’m happy to say I work with.

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I hope Italy’s government finally gets its act together and that I will not end up spluttering into my morning coffee at the sight of another naked businessman ad.

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