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If you would like to collaborate on innovative #Gender and #Big Data research, there is currently a 100,000$ prize and we’d be happy to team up with social scientists or quantitative gender researchers.Also, we’re also open to academic collaboration on African Diaspora matters – feel free to reach out.Language areas correspond closely to the four cultural regions of the nation.Agni and Baoule, both Kwa languages, are the most widely spoken languages in the south.French is used in schools and business and is spoken more frequently by men than by women.

In Kabadougou region, other names are popular such as : SIAKA, LANCINE (male) and NAMINATA, MASSANDJE (female).The remaining population is comprised of the Agni, Africans from other countries (mostly Burkinabe and Malians), and non-Africans (primarily French and Lebanese).Of the more than 5 million non-Ivoirian Africans living in Côte d'Ivoire, one-third to one-half are from Burkina Faso; the rest are from Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, Benin, Senegal, Liberia, and Mauritania.Popular female baby names of the La Mé region include: APO, APIE, SOPIE, KOUSSO, CHIA, CHO.We struggled a bit to find an up-to-date mapping of Ivory Coast administrative divisions (district, region, department) – so this is the Excel file we’ve used.

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The official capital is Yamoussoukro; Abidjan is the administrative capital.