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Jac vanek and ryan ross dating

In 1972, their second studio album Her House is released.In 1973 Ryan meets Jac Vanek, a groupie, and starts a casual relationship with her, although acting like a couple.Along with Ryan struggling with his sexuality, he also deals with the pressure of being famous, his relationship with music, and his self-destructive behavior. When he was 3, his mother left his father and him, starting a new family with other half-siblings elsewhere.At some point, his father starts drinking excessively.When he is 11, he becomes friends with the old lady next door, a woman named Mrs. Ross stays with them when his dad is out drinking, doing his homework while Mrs. Ross states her to be the woman who introduced him to music.His father didn't know about this and Ross would have to sneak home.

At one point, he punches Ross, and Ross punches back, leading them to never touch each other again.The three of them hitchhike back to Los Angeles, where they start living together, and eventually meet Joe Trohman, who becomes their guitarist, and The Followers is formed.In the summer of 1970, the band gets signed, in February of 1971, their first self-titled album is released.Straight away, Ross is intrigued by Urie, slowly befriending him due to both of them being outsiders, Ross hating his bandmates (with the exception of Smith) and lifestyle and Urie being gay, something viewed as an abomination at the time.Ross and Urie slowly become closer and eventually, Ross kisses Urie as a joke, which turns into a heated make out session, broken up by Keltie Colleen, who would become his girlfriend later on.

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At age 8, Ross decides that he doesn't want to be called George anymore, switching to Ryan instead.