Jake and amir dating

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The duo’s shtick, which depicts Jake as a straight man and Amir as his slightly unhinged coworker, has proven quite durable.New episodes regularly draw hundreds of thousands of views on You Tube and many more on the College Humor website. TBS has put in development a comedy based on College Humor’s most popular and longest-running series by comedy duo Amir Blumenfeld and Jake Hurwitz. They will co-write with another scripter duo, Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger, with will revolve around an odd-couple friendship between best friends and co-workers Jake (Hurwitz), the sensible “regular guy”, and Amir (Blumenfeld), the obsessive oddball.Together they must navigate the cubicles of their workplace, stand up to the corporate man and try to function with their dysfunctional co-workers, all while maintaining their shenanigans.

Jake and Amir if you see this, I would be very interested to see which episodes you guys are the least proud of. I also am not too found of the ones were big A-Mir just recounts a tail while Jake listens.Listen to Nicole's episode here:https://headgum.com/if-i-were-you/372-blanket-poop-withnicole-byer You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: https:// Byer Comedy Be sure to rate Why Won't You Date Me 5-stars on Apple Podcasts.Leave a dirty comment for a chance have it read on-air.In the one you're referencing though there are some funny moments and Jake's indignation is humorous.Yeah, I enjoy "Day after Thanksgiving" to an extent, but this combines my two least favourite things: Amir somehow killing people, and normal people siding with Amir Don't worry though - still love ya, you coy Jews.(I do like the "Sam's not going to like this" part though)The episode where, ' For the wolf,' came from.

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In total, the more than 600 episodes have drawn upwards of half a billion views across all platforms.