Jeremy bloom dating

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Jeremy bloom dating

After that, he would go on to do more than he ever imagined, with varying degrees of success--sky-dive, appear on a celebrity dating show, work as an on-air sports analyst--all, he says, because of that one mogul. These days Bloom prefers to be known as co-founder of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based advertising-technology provider Integrate.

The 140-person company, with clients such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Research In Motion, has pulled in more than million in two rounds of funding, with investments from Comcast Ventures, Liberty Global and The Foundry Group. Ski Team, he was national champion by age 17 and world champion and Olympian at 19.

He had even appeared on Fox's celebrity dating show The Choice, alongside DJ Pauly D and rapper Lil' Romeo.

"A lot of those seeds never grew or did anything," Bloom admits. Since its founding three years ago, the company has gathered 2,500 traditional and digital media partners, giving clients the ability to execute performance-based ad campaigns with the click of a mouse, regardless of the medium.

But Bloom's celebrity résumé is tough to escape. Then, as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado, he became a two-sport star, blistering across the gridiron as a receiver and kick returner, and named All-American as a freshman and sophomore in 2002-03.

Three days later, he would be in Indianapolis, scorching the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.

With the injury and Olympic defeat, he was forced to contemplate the reality of life after sports."My biggest fear was that I was going to be worthless to society after athletics," he says. The NFL had been developing programs aimed at improving the ability of players to evaluate business opportunities.

(According to a 2009 article by , 78 percent of the league's former players had gone bankrupt or experienced financial stress by the time they'd been retired for two years.) While still with the Eagles in 2006, Bloom enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School through a program developed by the league and several leading graduate schools.

He steamed over the first dozen moguls like a locomotive, legs pumping like pistons over the snowy mounds. He would get drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles but injure his hamstring in training camp.

He launched off the first jump, spinning 720 degrees in the air with his skis tucked perfectly perpendicular behind him, forming an "iron cross." Hitting the ground and plowing over the next five moguls, he looked unstoppable--until he hit the next one. In a futile attempt to catch up, he flew off the next jump--but crossed the finish line knowing it was all over. He would be released by two teams over two years and would never play in a regular-season pro football game.

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He flew from Italy to Indianapolis the day after his race.