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Kansas free web cam

This web cam peeks in at the state’s oldest and most successful nest site for peregrine falcon restoration.

Peregrine falcons, originally cliff nesting raptors, are endangered in Missouri. Biologists recorded the first successful nest there in 1997.

people please contact the kc scout office through the website and ask them to solve the issues..

hopefully the more contacts they get, the faster they'll solve the problems This app only works about 1x a week.

Also, a taxidermy mount of a peregrine falcon, information about falcon ecology and a model of a nest box used for restoration are on display at the Anita B.

The Kansas City Scout Traffic app provides commuters and travelers with mobile access to information for Kansas City metro area roadways from the Kansas City Scout's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

“The male will even sit on the eggs and let the female go out and get some exercise before the eggs hatch,” De Bold said.

A camera is mounted on the edge of the building roof and focused down on the nest.

Falcons feed on pigeons downtown or on other birds and they frequently soar over the nearby Missouri River in search of food.They will also catch ground-dwelling critters such as voles.MDC staff also monitors four other peregrine falcon nest sites in the metro area.Numbers nationwide declined drastically after World War II as the DDT pesticide weakened egg shells and harmed reproduction.The ban on DDT and restoration efforts enabled peregrine falcons to be taken off the national endangered species list in 1999.

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