Karen brooks dating

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Karen brooks dating

And so it was fun working with Darrin again and then I met some really great actors that I had never worked with before like D. Woodside, Rochelle Aytes, of course the legendary Keith David who was just so divine to work with.

Director Robert O’Hara is making his film debut here. GB: You know what I loved about Robert is that a lot of directors, there aren’t a lot of theater directors that then come and direct film. Maybe there are a lot and I just haven’t worked with many, but because he comes from the theater he just had a different approach to working with actors.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to St.

Karen was preceded in death by her parents and father-in-law.

At the 2010 American Black Film Festival, Brooks was given the Grand Jury Prize for Best Performance by an Actor for her performance in the film. He comes from the theater and he really worked with us as actors.

In speaking with Blackfilm.com, Brooks talks about her starring in her first horror film, working with the cast, and balancing her life with her recent child. Because the film dealt with so many other layers other than horror, it was just so challenging to create that kind of movie.

That’s the kind of tone that’s going on in the movie world. Sooner or later there will probably be some kind of ‘Girlfriends’ reunion.

The really great films are the independents like this one.

You’re on a show and if the pilot is picked up there’s the hope that it’ll run for a very long time and then it goes into syndication. Then I just think that there aren’t a lot of films that are being made right now that are incorporating African American women. We have Tyler Perry which is a wonderful venue for people of color, but there needs to be more. You just kind of wait around and you wait to see if they’re going to go African American if they’re not sure or if they’re going to go Latin or if they’re going to go Indian or if they’re going to go Asian. I’m actually going to do the ‘Mo’Nique Show.’ I did my pre-interview and they were asking about a ‘Girlfriends’ reunion or a ‘Girlfriends’ movie or are they going to petition to bring ‘Girlfriends’ back like they did with ‘The Game’ on BET. It would be nice to just kind of sit and catch up with the girls. I think that all of us are kind of doing our own thing and trying to create other opportunities for ourselves.

I have also been writing and I just finished a new pilot for TV Land called ‘The Exes’ with Donald Faison. It’s like everything is possible right now and I’m really, really happy about that. Everyday is Mother’s Day as far as I’m concerned, but yeah, of course.

That’s guest starring and a possible recurring on that and then just reading a lot of scripts right now. Are you looking forward to Mother’s Day next month?

Karen Brooks-Lyons, Principal Click on Henderson on the top link above for online directions to the school.

A Memorial Mass for Karen Louise Brooks, 60, of Gainesville, will be held at 10 a.m.

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