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Last year, Demi confessed to having had a cocaine addiction so bad that she carried the drug on to aeroplanes to ensure she could get a fix.‘I would smuggle it on and just wait until everyone in first class was asleep and then I would sneak to the bathroom.’ It was a shocking revelation – all the more so for coming from the lips of a former Disney princess whose on-screen career began at the age of seven when she starred as one of Barney the Dinosaur’s friends.

To the casual observer, Demi appeared to be the girl with a golden future; the reality was that she had grown into a troubled young woman with myriad problems, including an eating disorder, self-harming and alcohol and drug dependency.

Played Singer in "Celtic Thunder: Christmas" in 2009.

Played himself in "Celtic Thunder: Take Me Home" in 2009. Played himself in "Celtic Thunder: Heritage" in 2011. Played The Young Buck in "Celtic Thunder: Storm" in 2011.

Please continue to enjoy this absolutely magical show we…This means that many current peoples share a connection to the tradition.It is entirely possible that "Celtic Thunder" is derived from the same basic patterns shown in these traditional schemas. Damian Mc Ginty has: Played himself in "Celtic Thunder: The Show" in 2008.Yes, Celtic Thunder is going to be at the St Patrick's Day parade in NYC.It is listed on the Official Celtic Thunder web site.

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They're more popular with people who are in the late 30's. Keep in mind that he's an ordinary guy living an extraordinary life.