Kim kibum dating

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Kim kibum dating

He started his career as an actor appearing in the second season of teen drama Sharp 2.

He has been linked with a handful of ladies in the past including a model named IVY, Girl’s Generation Taeyeon and another girl named Yerin.

Hee-Chul is not an only child, he has an older sister named Kim Hee-jin, who he is very fond of. He also revealed that when his sister learned he was going to audition for SM, she asked him how in the world was he going to do that knowing full Y well that she is a die-hard fan of the SECHSKIES.

Kim Hee-chul revealed in an interview that he learned a lot about both the SECHSKIES and their former labelmates Fin. The multi-talented Korean star had to address questions about his sexual orientation sometime in 2017 after an online post claimed he is gay.

Not long afterward, they were reported to be dating as the pair were caught last June 22nd coming from Jeju together.

An insider confessed, “That day, the airplane was delayed for about an hour and half, so it left at 2PM.

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Apart from music, Kim Hee-Chul is an actor; in fact, he kicked off his career as an actor starring in the second season of teenage drama Sharp 2.