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Lippincott dating medications when opened

Ultimately, biopsy of the tumor is the only way to make a definite diagnosis of chondrosarcoma.

After the biopsy procedure, a pathologist looks at the tumor’s cells under the microscope to make a diagnosis.

These include: Chondrosarcomas behave in different ways, but many are low grade tumors.

Chemotherapy or radiation therapy is sometimes considered for patients with recurrent, metastatic or dedifferentiated disease.These studies show that certain low grade tumors respond well to this type of surgery, which has excellent functional results for patients.The issue of how to best deal with low grade chondrosarcoma is controversial and is covered in depth in this article.[See the page devoted to mesenchymal chondrosarcoma for more information.] De-differentiated chondrosarcoma occurs in less than 10% of cases, and it is usually found in the arm, leg or pelvis bones.This tumor is a very different kind of chondrosarcoma that is especially difficult to treat.

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Most chondrosarcomas (with the exception of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma) do not respond to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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