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Lisa loeb dating michael

Doubtfire Marat Galperin - athlete, entertainer, and regulator. Rex Frontman Marc Chagall - Painter, visual artist, Other site Marcel Marceau - famous French mime Marcel Proust - Second most important writer (after Kafka) this century Marcell, Bibi - Klezmer Singer extraordinaire Marianne Faithful - singer, girlfriend of Mick Jagger Marie Rappold - Opera singer Marilyn Bergman - Songwriter Marilyn Manson - Teenie bopper pop star (Warner is real name) Marilyn Michaels - Impressionist Marilyn Monroe - Converted to judaism Marion Ross - actress 'Brooklyn Bridge' and 'Happy Days' Mark Banks - South African comedian Mark Bomer - jewish activist and Historian Mark Dixon - Counts cars in Nissan in Sunderland, UK Mark Feuerstein - actor (comedy Fired Up) Mark Knopfler - Dire Straits lead vocal and guitarist Mark Moses - actor/single guy Mark Reizen - Great Russian bass, probably the greatest bass voice Russia ever produced Mark Rothko - Abstract Expressionist Painter Mark Volman co-founder of the turtles Mark Walberg - Game Show Host (The Big Date) Marla Sokoloff - actress Marlee Matlin- deaf actress-Picket Fences Marley, Bob - Reggae Artist (father was Jewish, mother negro) Martin and Charlie Sheen - jews, real name Estevez Martin Gore- songwriter (Depeche Mode) Martin Landau - actor Martin Mull - comedy Martins, Luciano Costa - brazilian musician (mother mulatta, father indian/jewish) Marty Balin - singer, Jefferson Airplane (father) Marty Feldman - actor, comedian Marvin Hamlisch - composer of A Chorus Line Marx, Groucho - comedian Marx, Harpo - comedian Mary Livingstone - comedian Matityahu Glazerson - author of Mystical Books/composer Matt Fraiberg - owner Guardian Alarm Matt Groening - creator of The Simpsons Matt Lauer - NBC Today Show Matthew Bratter - musician, Daisy's Red Gravy Train Matthew Broderick - actor.

jewish Mom Matthew Kuchta - first porn star with inch penis Maureen Lipman - comic actress.

Roth, David Lee - Van Halen singer Rowan Atkinson - comedian (Mr. Roxanne Hart - actress-Chicago Hope Roy Lichtenstein - painter Ruby Wax - comedienne. Laura - radio therapist Scott Simon - host NPR's Saturday Weekend Edition, broadcast journalist Scott Wolf - Party of Five Seagal, Steven - action movie star, Under Siege, etc.

I have never seen the PROOF for Ernest Borgnine or Cary Grant although many claim they were also!

musician, Porno for Pyros Peter Bogdanovich - director Peter Falk - actor (TV's 'Columbo') Peter Green - Blues guitarist, founder of Fleetwood Mac Peter Lorre - nee Ladislav Loewenstein, actor Peter Mark Richman - actor/writer/artist Peter Riegert - actor, Crossing Delancey Peter Schaffer - British playwright Peter Sellers - actor,comedian Peter Strauss - actor ('Rich Man, Poor Man') Peter Wolf - musician Phil Glasser - actor An American Tail (Fievel) Phil Ochs - topical folk singer of 60's Phil Silvers - Sgt.

Bilko Phil Spector - Record producer, famous for "The Wall of Sound" Philip Glass, American composer of minimalist music Philip Roth - author Phoebe Cates - co-star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Real last name: Katz) jewish?

Magoo) Leslie Stahl - Sixty Minutes Lilli Palmer - actress Linda (Epstein) Eastman - Paul Macartney's wife Linda Lavin - TV Show Alice Linda Rondstat -singer jewish grandparents Lindsey Crouse - actress (Daniel) Lisa Bonet - ex-wife of Lenny Kravitz Lisa Edelstein - actress/Relativity Lisa Kudrow - TV Star-Friends Lisa Loeb - singer with band Nine Stories (spelling?

) Liv Tyler - actress daughter of Steven Tyler Liz Sheridan - actress (plays Jerry's mom on Seinfeld) Lloyd Bochner - Canadian Shakespearean actor, also in Naked Gun, father of Hart Bochner Lorenzo Lamas - actor (jewish mom) Lori Beth Denberg - actress on the show All That Lorne Greene - actor, Bonanza star Lorne Michaels - TV producer (created Saturday Night Live) Lorraine Bracco - actress (Goodfellas) Lorraine Newman - Saturday Night Live Lou Reed - musician Louie Nye (Neistat) - comedian Louis, Julia - actress Louise Lasser - Mary Hartman Louise Rainer-fine actress Louise Wener - Frontwoman Britpop band Sleeper Lyle Waggoner - comedian and former costar of The Carol Burnett Show Lynn Samuels - radio talk show host, WABC radio Madeline Kahn - actress (Clue, Nixon) Maeve Kinkead - actress-guiding light Major Dad - (the old) Cosby Show Malcolm Gets - actor (Richard on Caroline in the City) Malcolm Mc Laren--manager/impresario of the Sex Pistols Manfred Mann - musician Mara Wilson - child actress in Miracle on th St, Mrs.

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Weiss - TV actor (The Pretender) Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor, grandfather was famed actor Boris Tomashevski Michael Tucker - actor, LA Law etc. - mother jewish Mickey Cohen - Gangster Mickey Hart - Drummer for Grateful Dead (also Mystery Box) Mike Bloomfield - blues guitarist Mike Diamond - (Mike D.) band member of Beastie Boys Mike Gordan-Bass for Phish Mike Nichols - director (The Graduate, Catch , The Birdcage) Mike Ogulnick - One on One sports radio network anchor Mike Stern - Jazz guitarist Mike Wallace (60 Minutes) Milton Berle - comedian Milton Berle - comedian Minelli, Liza - Singer/actress Mircea Crisan - (Kraus? plays with little kids Murray Kaufman (Murray-The-K, The Fifth Beatle)m Disc Jockey, WINS Naomi Shemer - composer to Yerushalayim shel zahav Natalio Finkelstein - famous violinist in tango orchestras- Argentina Natanya Ross - actress 'Secret World Of Alex Mack' Natasha Lyonne- jewish actress Nathanael West (Nathan Weinstein) - writer - Miss Lonelyhearts; The Day of the Locust, Neil Diamond - musician, singer, actor Neil Gaiman - author (Sandman, Neverwhere) Neil Sedaka - singer Neil Simon - Broadway playwright Nelly Sachs - poet, Noble prize in literature Neriah Davis- porn star Neuwirth, Bebe - Lilith on Cheers Newman, Paul - actor Newton-John, Olivia - Australian Pop Singer Nichols and May - comedians Nimoy, Leonard - actor (Star Trek's 'Spock') Nina Gordon - musician, Veruca Salt Nina Rodzynek - musician Noah Wyle - actor, E.