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I can't think of a reason not to assign similar levels of these pejoratives to cheaters of either gender, aside from ideological bias.

These are both foundational for a fulfilling sexual relationship.

Have all the crazy sex you want, just don't prey upon unsuspecting partners that want fidelity. And if you know this about yourself, GREAT NEWS; there are lots of partners out there that want just that lifestyle! The comments here pretty much validate your article - I see a whole lot of male denial! Seems the sorry state of their marriages is all somebody else's fault. If your marriage is unfulfilling, how about trying to improve it in a constructive way?

Or if your spouse won't change ending it in the least damaging way possible?

There are always other options: couple’s therapy, golf, being open and honest with a mate and working to improve the relationship, or separation or divorce.

A man always has choices that don’t involve degrading and potentially ruining his integrity and the life he and his significant other have created.

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