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Psychologists, at least psychologists who write textbooks, not only show no interest in the origin and development of love or affection, but they seem to be unaware of its very existence.

The apparent repression of love by modem psychologists stands in sharp contrast with the attitude taken by many famous and normal people.

As far as I know, there exists no direct experimental analysis of the relative importance of the stimulus variables determining the affectional or love responses in the neonatal and infant primate.

Unfortunately, the human neonate is a limited experimental subject for such researches because of his inadequate motor capabilities.

There can be no question that almost any external stimulus can become a secondary reinforcer if properly associated with tissue-need reduction, but the fact remains that this redundant literature demonstrates unequivocally that such derived drives suffer relatively rapid experimental extinction.

Contrariwise, human affection does not extinguish when the mother ceases to have intimate association with the drives in question.

The word "love" has the highest reference frequency of any word cited in Bartlett's book of Familiar Quotations.

Three years' experimentation before we started our studies on affection gave us experience with the neonatal monkey.

The psychoanalysts have concerned themselves with the problem of the nature of the development of love in the neonate and infant, using ill and aging human beings as subjects.

They have discovered the overwhelming importance of the breast and related this to the oral erotic tendencies developed at an age preceding their subjects' memories.

From the developmental point of view, the general plan is quite clear: The initial love responses of the human being are those made by the infant to the mother or some mother surrogate.

From this intimate attachment of the child to the mother, multiple learned and generalized affectional responses are formed.

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