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Live updating playlist

I've verified that i Tunes is pushing out playlist updates since I can create playlists on i Tunes and have it appear on my Music app on my i Phone.One of the neatest features in Apple Music is the For You tab.Finally fixed an issue with my old script and my playlist is updating in real time again.XM BPMXM Chill If you like it, please consider donating to Dogstar Radio.Then, scroll down, and down, and down, until you reach the My Favorites or My New Music mixes, and tap the ⊕ next to the one you want to save. You’re now in the New Playlist screen, where you can rename the newly-created list, as well as rearrange tracks, and delete any you don’t like.You can also add tracks here, which isn’t what we’re doing today, but is handy at other times.

I’ve made clones of my i Tunes multi-level weighted playlists here, which can be refreshed without an i Tunes sync/download. The developer is very responsive and has been improving and promptly updating this app for years. I've read a few similar articles on here, but not found any solution that seems to help, Please advise, thanks!So I realize there're a lot of topics on the subject. My playlists created either on my i Phone or i Tunes aren't synced. Apple Music won’t let you save an auto-updating playlist.Or rather, it lets you save the playlist, but not the songs in it. You can quickly get back there with one click, but the contents will have changed.

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