Lorna dating dating now ep2

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Lorna dating

And close” when asking if she’s holding them in a tight place. ’, the two prescribe medication to various inmates, showing Nicky’s intellect when it comes to her knowledge on different kinds of drugs for different issues, including their side effects.

For this, she is nicknamed ‘Doctor Nicky’ by Lorna.

Vinnie confronts her about this and she tells him that she became lonely after they sent "the only person who cared about her" to Max. They grow closer and Lorna soon proposes to him during visitation.

He accepts and they are married in the visitation room.

Lorna reacts to her statement, however does not respond.

He threatens to kill her if she ever comes near him or his family again.Lorna tells Nicky that while she was supposed to be at the hospital, she snuck out and went to Christopher's house.Nicky tells her not to do that ever again and that it's a miracle she didn't get caught.Nicky, however, refuses to believe Lorna when she argues that she does not need to take a pregnancy test because she “just knows”.Additionally, Lorna also blames her lust for her on her uncontrollable hormones.

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The two are also accompanied by Brook Soso, who asks for drugs to help her cope with her grief after the loss of Poussey.

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