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The Memphis attorney had always talked about finding the Cliff to her Clair and having brown babies for a real-life Cosby Show family.

So when she met a White accountant from Mississippi online in 2013, got engaged to him in 2014 and married him in 2015, her friends were shocked."When he proposed, they were like, "We didn't know it was that serious.

Olive thoroughly enjoys to tease Fletcher whenever she can, and he enjoys bickering with her back.

He seems fine with it, but there are times where he appears hurt.

Whatever the other negative comments that I read here, I love the pretty partnership of Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon they suits together, like Lee Jong Suk to Han Hyo Joo, for all leading ladies of Jong Suk I like them , both beautiful girls, have sweet personalities.

I will definetly be checking High End Crush with Jung Il Woo.

You have the right to love Next year will mark 50 years since the United States Supreme Court struck down laws prohibiting interracial marriage in the case Loving v.

Richard and Mildred Loving, a White man and Black woman, fell in love in the midst of the civil rights era.

Fletcher's character is dorky, artsy and fun-loving, whereas Olive's is a bit to extreme and is intelligent.

I absolutely love Hoon and Soo Hyun they are so cute together.

Other than that till now the storyline is very intriguing.

In city hunter is bad guy and prime minister is good guy...

Other thing i found is prime minister secretary is serious character meanwhile in city hunter he really funny character.the person Anne whose comment third below me, we are in the same team girl.thats actually that disappoint me that i had to stop watching on ep10 lol.


I come to watch it for Lee Jong Suk but end up liking Jin Seon Yeon and Park Hae Jin as well.

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