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Lovesex date totlly free

Even though it might be uncomfortable to talk to teenagers about sexual and reproductive health, this does not encourage young people to have sex.

It can actually delay the age that teenagers start to have sex, because they have been equipped with the knowledge to make safe decisions about sex.

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However, if a young person's feelings of ongoing sadness continue for more than two weeks or start to affect their sleeping and eating patterns and have an impact on their schoolwork, relationships, physical health and their enjoyment of everyday activities, then they might be depressed. And young people are good at learning the skills they need to cope with problems, so if you are concerned that a young person in your care is depressed, you should get professional help.

Talking about sex also encourages them to make use of sexual health services available to them.

Young people need to know that any sexual experimentation they have must to be safe.

Safe sex means reducing the number of concurrent sexual partners, and testing for and treating sexually transmitted infections (STIs) quickly, because STIs increase the risk of HIV infection.

If your teenager is male, they should consider medical male circumcision (MMC) which removes the foreskin and reduces the risk of HIV infection and STIs.

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If left untreated, depression may lead to thoughts of self harm or suicide.

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