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Mandating health in schools

Use the visualization below to see the state landscape of school health policy, and browse by state or category or perform an advanced search to find specific policies.

An innovative New York law is now mandating that all public schools include mental health education as a fundamental part of their school curriculum.

Isn’t mental health just as important, if not more so?

“Absolutely,” says Stanley Kutcher, a child psychiatrist and chair of adolescent mental health at Dalhousie University in Canada, “Our expectation of the education system is different than it was 50 years ago.”How is our expectation different? Kutcher gives his perspective:“(School education) is a social contract that’s changed.

In 2010, (Lanza’s) illness became so severe he broke off relationship with almost everyone in his life and secluded himself in his bedroom…” know is that a child’s brain is continually absorbing and interpreting the world around us – and for a much longer period than originally thought.

In an article written for Newsweek, Matthew Lysiak, author of “I document (in the book), through almost a decade of his mother’s emails, Adam’s downward spiral as he gradually lost his tenuous connection with reality.

Architects of the New York law hope it will ensure young people learn about mental health to “increase the likelihood that they will be able to more effectively recognize signs” and seek treatment earlier.

Ultimately, this new policy could help halt development of these conditions and reduce the number of youth who are affected as adults later in life.

Researchers have estimated that 50 percent of mental illness begins by age 14, and 75 percent begins by age 24.

Unfortunately, research also shows that many children and adolescents with mental health difficulties do not receive treatment.

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Physical education is compulsory in schools, as we all know.

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