Mandating nurse patient ratios

Posted by / 02-May-2020 13:20

Mandating nurse patient ratios

The California Nurses Association says the ratios have improved nurse retention, raised the numbers of qualified nurses willing to work, reduced burnout, and improved morale.Advocates also say narrower ratios in high-intensity areas, such as the emergency room, have improved patient satisfaction and have reduced medical errors, including medication mistakes and falls.

Those opposed to staffing ratios say the ratios don't account for patient acuity.

Optimal staffing is influenced by many factors, including cognitive workload and nurse experience.

Physicians occupy Linked In’s top six highest-paying jobs, and eight of the top 15 spots.

The study found that for nurses on neurocritical care units, accompanying patients for imaging scans and other procedures significantly impacted nurse-patient staffing ratios.

Based on these results, the authors recommended a new "circulator" nurse position to travel and assist with patients and to free primary nurses on the unit to stay with their patients.

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