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Manic depression dating someone with

I questioned myself and my sanity, which was the wrong thing to do.But it was not long before concrete evidence of him cheating on me surfaced.Dating someone with bipolar is no different to dating anyone else.These steps should hopefully help you feel a little more confident and put aside any worries you may have.Married couples take a vow to remain together “for better or worse, in sickness or in health…” where leaving the person “can be seen as abandonment and sabotage – and there is a reality to that perception.” “There are still times it is reasonable to leave, but do not deny responsibility for having broken your promise,” Dr. “You can try to explain it, your reasons may be valid, but take responsibility and validate the other person’s feelings.” If you’re not married, it is NOT abandonment or sabotage, no matter how the other person perceives it.“But if you start feeling guilty when the reality is that you had not made the commitment the other person implicitly expected, your guilt will trigger anger, depression, etc.

Some of these qualities make it hard on a relationship, so a person must weigh whether he or she wants stability over excitement, he said. Brodsky said there’s no perfect time to end a relationship with someone who is my boyfriend: he manipulated me into questioning my own sanity. We started dating around three years after my diagnosis—when I was just starting to publish my blog and open up about my struggle with mental health.Slowly he began to use my diagnosis of bipolar against me.Even if you don’t realize it at the time, this was a huge step in trust.Over time, you will learn the nuances of the disorder.

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If you decide to end a relationship because of a person’s bipolar disorder, try not to blame the person or their condition.