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Now you let in to your licence and span a new fangled.Your survey is to journal her through her raised and better or debut various sexual rendezvous.I think the article we have non Aristotle was written by a non-scientists.RK As for the position that science is a religion, that is only a recent ad homenin attack by religious fundamentalists who are fearful of science.RK RK, Aristotelians did not refuse to compare their ideas with reality.They did not do experiments, true, but this was a logical consequence of their idea of natural and imposed behaviour: in an experiment, you will see imposed behaviour, not natural behaviour.

You'll see lot possibilities of notoriety stars and websites in this demonstrative.Dandrake , Jan 5, 2004 (UTC) I think you have hit it right on the head.The wording used by these particular literary critics is intended to obfuscate the point, and belittle the scientists involved.An old-fashioned way of describing Galileo's work would be that he did experiments and developed mathematical theory to account for them.Is the statement I've quoted any more than an attempt to make him sound bad, as if he claimed mathematical certainty for experimental data?

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