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Most guys don't know a Korean girl from a Japanese girl, or a Ukrainian girl from a French girl. I think I've mentioned it briefly before, it's kind of been a secret of mine but I'm willing to go on the record now.

Best place to find Persians (in the world) to bang: Sweden.

I'm talking to a Middle Eastern girl from Philly whose job moved her down to Texas.

Her family is originally from Jordan and Palestine.

Common venues are restaurants, hookah bars, lounges, and clubs.

They also like to go to places like Urth Cafe and other coffee shops, and of course shop at malls. non-westernized, it's hard to make that distinction at least in my eyes.

I tapped a Persian girl last night, and earlier in the evening was talking to an impossibly hot Lebanese/Iraqi girl.

She wants to go to college (= out of the house), go to parties and meet outside guys that don't expect her to be a housemaid.

Yeah, a bunch of people on the forum are going to bemoan this cultural evolution. 2nd generation Persians on summer vacation in the Mediterranean. yeah man not gonna lie I got in the habit of showering after shits and or using wet paper towel its a real game changer I haven't got swap ass in years and literally can't really use toilet paper anymore...

The nation has received a high number of middle eastern immigrants ever since the fall of the Shah in the 70s.

In the US I've noticed how most cultures stick together and mostly manage to keep the cultures of their homeland. Every 2nd generation Persian (or middle eastern) girl wants nothing to do with her parents boring stale culture.

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You especially don't go with your goofy ass homiez. Other mixed settings where she's not facing "group" pressure to conform.

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