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In the end participants discuss their works together.Finally, the educator concludes the program by providing last thoughts and suggestions for future art-making opportunities.Our anonymous text & Video chat service is fast, live and instant online.

In the end we hope that you will feel confident in your ability to facilitate a meaningful art-making program that leads to new understandings about the creative process and prompts new social connections among participants.

Instead we'll focus on the teaching strategies and other tools necessary for leading a successful art-making program, including: Some background information, like general information on dementia and Mo MA's program structure and approach, and the role of the educator in creating a successful experience How you as an educator conceive of and prepare for your project How to lead your project, step by step And general tips for facilitating successful art-making programs as well as tools for troubleshooting challenging scenarios Throughout we'll include program footage and anecdotes from our experiences.

While our discussion will be framed by our perspectives as museum educators working with groups in our studio spaces, the techniques we will discuss are applicable to any setting or situation, so long as you can access art-making materials and have a bit of space to work.

Part of my philosophy in life is to constantly seek out and overcome challenges. I am Laurel Humble Hi I'm Meryl Schwartz and we work on The Mo MA Alzheimer's Project within the Department of Education at The Museum of Modern Art.

Funded by a major grant from Met Life Foundation, The Mo MA Alzheimer's Project allows Meryl and me and our colleagues in the Department of Education to develop art discussion and art-making programs for people with Alzheimer's disease and their carepartners.

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With a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease there can be an assumption that people are no longer able to learn or they won't benefit from exposure to new experiences.

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