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You pay via a direct link from your bank account, though automatic payments are not required.

That means you can choose when to transfer money to Tally each month. “It’s slamming headfirst into headline risk,” said Mark Adelson, a Tally adviser who is an expert on asset-backed securities and the former chief credit officer of Standard & Poor’s.

He is at least partly right, but for people determined to get out of debt and stay out, a personal loan that lasts for a set period can provide a better form of discipline.

Plenty of people with credit card debt may also simply move it from one card company to another every 12 to 18 months, taking advantage of zero percent balance transfer offers.

Before Tally, they started a business that helped consumers borrow money for solar panel installations.But should consumers and others whom the company needs to succeed actually trust it?First, a question: If car loan rates for people with good credit are often below 5 percent and mortgage rates are below 4 percent, why do consumers generally pay 15 or 20 percent annually to borrow money from credit card issuers? According to Marc Sacher, executive vice president at the Auriemma Consulting Group, that baseline interest rate is not the whole story for consumers with good credit.It keeps the difference, minus any losses that it has to cover and whatever it needs to run its business. After all, personal loans are available to people with great credit from established banks like Sun Trust, whose interest rates start at a mere 4.99 percent if you pay off the loan fast enough. Brown contends that the two products are not comparable.The business model won’t work, however, unless the loans Tally gives to consumers cost less than the interest rate their card companies are charging. Personal loans are generally for a fixed length of time, but Tally’s line of credit is open-ended, like a credit card.

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