Meta dll finished updating 12 platinum

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Meta dll finished updating 12 platinum

After a dominating Group Stage that saw them drop only two games to their fourteen wins, OG squared off against a Newbee squad that was eager to prove themselves on the Main Stage.

Newbee eked out a small advantage in the early goings of game one before OG took over and snowballed to victory.

or even further that Nvidia doesn't have the issue since it doesn't appear it's important enough for people to fix in updates either driver or game side.. I surfed the web for literally DAYS trying to fix the game crashing the moment i start a match.

I updated to latest ATI graphics drivers, updated Punkbuster, did origin repair, deleted Ati raptr profile, tried 32 bit version of bf4, unchecked cloud sync in Origin, unchecked origin in game in Origin settings. OMFG (Thanks for taking the time to post suggestion) I've got a HD 6670 and it's also happening to me!

I have tried using the latest 14.4 driver and the beta 14.4, but was using an earlier driver just fine a few days ago, and tried rolling back to it in between.

I have also updated my Realtek driver to R273, to no effect.

But nevertheless, I -can- reproduce this issue consistently.

If you must run in the default Local System account, then you can run a batch file that sets up the environment and then launches

Logging in today (5/3), I barely get a minute in before BF4 crashes with faulting module atidxx64

Sometimes, the game crashes before it has finished loading.

The game seems to run fine on the Test Range and empty servers.

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