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Cancer is the second cause of death in Mexico, most cases are detected at advanced stages and the use of chemotherapy is frequent.At present, more than 300 types of complementary and/or alternative medicine (CAM) treatments are known that offer different therapeutic objectives. To determine the characteristics of the patients that use CAM, to identify the aim of these treatments, the source of information and the potential benefits obtained by the patient.The average monthly cost was $ 345.5 dollars, with a range of $ 13.6 to $ 2,545.5 dollars.The use of complementary and/or alternative therapy is frequent among young women with advanced cancer and high level of education.So I think it will be very exciting.”Lara says that he hasn’t heard from Morrissey directly about the project, but he’s been told that the singer is aware of it. Like visiting the motherland.”“Mexrrissey: Mexico Goes Morrissey” will take place on Monday at p.m. The lineup will include Camilo Lara, Ceci Bastida, Jay del a Cueva, Ricard Nájera, Sergio Mendoza, Jacob Valenzuela, with a special appearance by Adanovsky.

It’s part of what I grew up with.”But let’s be clear: Mexrrissey is no two-bit cover band.

Lara has teamed up with a shifting lineup of influential Mexican musicians from both sides of the border for the project.

This includes Arizona composer and bandleader Sergio Mendoza, of Calexico and Orkesta Mendoza, who helped translate lyrics and compose the new arrangements.

(Mendoza is the sort of talent who plays just about every instrument he lays his hands on, from keyboards to percussion to horns.) The group has also drawn the participation of figures such as singer and producer Jay de la Cueva, Café Tacvba violinist Alejandro Flores, alterna-rocker Chetes and drummer Ricardo Nájera. A.-based singer-songwriter Ceci Bastida, who last year received wide critical acclaim for her solo album, “La edad de la violencia” (“The Age of Violence”).

Together, they are re-imagining some of Morrissey and the Smiths’ most iconic tunes.

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Results between groups were compared and the mentioned variables were correlated with the use of alternative medicine.