Mom and son six weab camera

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"Whatever happened to that camera I bought you for Christmas?The one you had to have over everything else, you know it cost a lot of money? "I had a couple of problems with the software, I couldn't get it to update online." I lied.Her bedroom door was closed whenever she was in her room, the en-suite bathroom meant she never left her bedroom in any outfit but fully dressed.My only other xmas gift last year was an online photography course mom had signed me up for.The actual photos were pretty boring, mom in a blouse & long skirt sitting on the sofa(wearing a bra).Little bit of cleavage was visible, nothing special.

It was unlike me to call for mom from my bedroom, I called out.

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"Honey why don't you sell it, I can use the money to buy you a better birthday gift?

" "Mom, that's my camera, it was a gift, how you can you sell it?

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"Mom, come & look at these shots." We both had an unwritten rule or we had at least fallen into a habit that once either of us went to bed, we rarely saw each other or spoke.