Muslim dating pics

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But by opting for online you are joining millions who, like you, are putting themselves out there – it’s a brave and proactive move, hopefully in the direction of the proverbial wedding altar. God knows, I’ve stared at my computer screen when starting up a new profile, stumped to write about myself.

But we live in an age of marketing so it’s important to put in the effort– however please note on sites like these, marketing is what counts.

Let me introduce myself: I am the self-appointed online Muslim Hitch.

Members are from around the world, but majority is from UK since the website itself is UK-based.2- is also UK-based.Below are a few points which may help you rethink some elements in your profile (or even prompt a rewrite).First thing’s first, your photograph is the initial port of call, so ensure it’s a good one or you risk losing your ‘audience’.Here are some tips to the gentlemen in particular: a) Avoid selfies posing in front of the bathroom mirror where you have conveniently forgotten to put your shirt on. b) Stick to featuring only you in the photograph – I’ve seen several pics where there is a minimum of two people in it. However, I have to admit, even all of the above is better than one particular member I came across whose profile picture was of a fruit cake. I’ve read some great profiles that are lively, informative and engaging. When writing your profile, show that you are interested in your own life, otherwise, why would he/she be?One photo even had four guys grinning at the camera; aint nobody got time to figure out who you are. Overusing the lol acronym, especially when it adds no comedic value to your words, is a particularly off-putting practice. I’ve come across far too many profiles that are little more than a few words long.

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