Muslim rules for dating validating a requirement

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A perfect relationship turned into a deadly break for now.I dont have the foudnation of security for the future cause we never really talked about getting married.I know his priorities are his family and supporting them and getting out of debt so he can start a new life here. I know marriage isn't even on the plate right now but there is definitely pressure coming from his Month overseas.But there is also pressure to send them money every month. we all know love does crazy things and i want to be with this guy but I have to put up with knowing marriage isn't coming anytime soon and he is supporting his family and isn't ready to support me.So we kept our space and he passed out once we got into the door.

i demand just a little bit more respect and appreaciation.

Islam considers Muslim women are complementing Muslim men in building up good Muslim community that ensures full respect to women and is free from illegal sexual excitement. I am muslim & i know we are not suppose to eat pork which he doesnt eat. No It is not allowed per islam rules for a Muslim girl to get married to an orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, or ;in general; to a non Muslim man. It is known that you can't per Islam religion practioce dating.

Some of these rules are: * A Muslim man can marry a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman. * A Muslim woman could married for her beauty, family social ranking, richness, and/or morals/religion. However, he has broken a forbidden rule which is dating a non-muslim. She is allowed to get married to only a Muslim man or to a Muslim convert man. It is not allowed for a Muslim man to date any woman (Muslim or non Muslim) without marriage according to Islamic rules.

It has been true love and I was his first serious relationship in almost 3-4 years!

He went from partying bachlor to settled down man with his lady. We haven't even talked about future plans but we take the relationship day by day.

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there are lots of Muslim dating websites like you can find the age and type pf ethnicity and there all Muslims Because dating is the "cool" thing.

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