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Naberezhnye chelny dating

And it has a truly special, youthful atmosphere suited to the generation of promising new ideas.

In order to become a resident of the Business Incubator, a project has to be selected by the expert community. When evaluating high-tech projects, experts use different criteria: the feasibility of the business model, the technical feasibility of completing the project in 1–2 years, team availability, the degree of investment attractiveness for external investors, etc.

Business Incubator In addition to resident offices, there is a Business Incubator on the third floor of the IT park.

If the Data Center is the brain of the IT park, then the Business Incubator is its heart.

By the way, in 6 years, our start-ups have already attracted over 650 million rubles.

You don't have to be a technopark resident to stay at the hotel: anyone can stay there.

The Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia summed up the results of the 3rd National Rating of Technoparks of Russia, which presented an assessment of the efficiency of functioning and investment attractiveness of sites for the placement and development of high-tech companies.

Among the best technology parks in Russia are the Technopark in the sphere of high technologies "IT-Park" of Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny.

Click-Storm has already held over 1,000 online tournaments and six game festivals. Today, many IT companies in Tatarstan dream about becoming a resident of the IT park.

After all, it means not only prestige but also ideal conditions and opportunities for effective scientific, technical, and innovative activity.

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The data center has two energy inputs with a capacity of 2.5 MW; active equipment is duplicated according to the N 1 principle.