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In the words of a geneticist you speak to in the book: “a woman can never be perfect enough for a man not to want to cheat on her”? The geneticist I talk to in the book was really talking about himself.

It comes from a certain parental upbringing that I shared also.

Now, he is someone who doesn’t fear commitment or intimacy as revealed in his latest book The latest installation follows Strauss from cheating, to sex addiction therapy, to polyamory, to swinging, to setting up a love commune, to hiking Macchu Picchu with a sore, overused penis, to enlightenment and—finally—to monogamy and his own wedding.

is a well-written book, and a hard one to put down.

People always ask me what’s the advice I would give to a 20-year old, and the advice is: no piece of advice I can give, or very few, is really going to change you.I think if anyone feels trapped in a relationship, it’s because they felt trapped in their relationship with mom or dad, whatever gender they are attracted to, growing up.So to me the real point of the book is that we have these beliefs and constructs in our heads that keep us from happiness—monogamy and non monogamy, men and women.But how does Strauss reconcile teaching men how to pick up women—through , featuring”10 more ways to disqualify” a woman (pdf, p.81)—and running a lucrative business from what he’s learned as a pick-up artist with this new, grown-up self who values relationships and love? So after teaching millions of men how to “trick” women into liking them, you are now a convinced monogamist. I think there’s a cultural narrative, which is: guy who is a pick-up artist and now is a monogamist, and that’s a 180-degree turn.

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Otherwise all those little memes and inspirational thoughts would really change people but they don’t.

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