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They started becoming point and click around the fifth one I believe. They had a pretty decent story too, took place in various fantasy kingdoms with some very interesting setups (Traveling to the land of the dead, outsmarting a minotaur after working your way through his labyrinth in 6, struggling through a desert, and facing down a yeti in 5 were good fun that required brain rather than brawn). Unfortunately I'm no good with art so I can't help you. A Dating Sim for girls with a target age group of around 20? If you want to see a "meh" development thread, that look more like a collection of scrawlings than true development, you can check out the challenges I'm currently facing in my Bioshock project. board=flash&action=disp lay&thread=19192 To sum things up: I still need to design the characters based on the performances of my VA's, I started on this project before I knew how the story would go (recall how I actually wanted to plan before doing) so I need to flesh out the plot's beats more, and I don't want the first episode of this series to be a piece of turd. If I find any other good Point'n'Click game I'll tell you. I think its Room 304, but just search for Silent Hill Room or something - its a Point'n'Click tribute to : guess what : Silent Hill! If it takes some animators forever to do a frame-by-frame animation, it'll take me forever and an ever for me to do anything remotely bearable since I just learned how to animate during the summer. )) Halloween is the best time of year, btw - wait, look at my name, ... More games and dating sims from me: [link] —– This is a dating sim for you boys… Dating Sim Academy Learning your dating skills with professionals in this true dating academy. This is the oddest simulated dating game Ive ever played. Join Facebook to connect with Yuri Hattori and others you may know. This new version fleshes out the intro of the game which will lead you into the new Dungeon area created for Phoebe.We've figured out a new way to add rooms and areas, which should go a long way toward expanding the world of Con-Quest in some fun and interesting ways.

Simgirls (full version), the most popular online dating sim game. Hey, haven’t been on for a while, so I decided to talk about a game I’ve played in the past!

As for point and click games to play, you've mentioned all the good ones I know on NG. The name reminds me of 'Castle', this stick-figure series, you know...

For other games you may have to buy (unless they're freeware by now) check out the old King's Quest series.

There are several games that have one or two girl-girl options. It’s a dating simulation, but I don’t believe this counts as an otome game…

There’s only one that I know of which is ALL yuri, and that’s Spirited Heart Girl’s Love (you can tell … how to get better at art: I know im not a master of anything- infact, its only been about a week since I started working on improving rather than appealing.

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