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Nicaraguan women

For their part, the rest of the young people admired them from a distance. I can’t imagine everything that they’ve done to them inside those torture chambers.

These young women weren’t afraid to show their faces, even though they knew the consequences this would bring. I don’t want to think about the misogynist tortures directed at Yaritza and Victoria.

There’s not enough air in my chest to describe the pain I have in my soul.

These youth are the loyal representatives of our people’s spirit. If there’s one promise I’d want to keep for Victoria, it’s that she’ll get out of where she is now.

She’ll get out to become an incredible woman, as she already was.

She’ll get out to defend the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The advice here is to focus on your Nica girl while being together, try not to look at other girls that much or to talk about your ex (which should be common sense while dating women from any corner of the world).

If you’re planning on getting into a serious relationship with a Nica girl, you need to get along with her family (particularly mom and dad) since you are very likely to spend a lot of time with them.

She told me many funny stories about things that happened in the university.

The pride she felt to be part of the LGBTQ community and the “incredible nerve” of people who didn’t call her by her name, Victoria.

She’ll get out to enjoy the new Nicaragua, because people like her are the ones who deserve it most.

When you think of hot Latin American girls, Nicaraguan women are probably not the first to come to mind like Venezuelan or Colombian women, but trust us: These beauties are worth getting to known.

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From my experiences, I can affirm how wonderful they both are. She told me that when everything was over, the only thing she wanted was to get her diploma and rest.