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Nmdating powered by vbulletin

He would also close a chat by saying ‘soft kisses and hugs’.Asked for my help initially to get a phone card to call his son, then another card to make phone calls to arrange workers to come assist him in the repairs.All the while, I was convinced I would get my money back.He did mention once his tool broke down but he has yet to ask for any money.He was following a friend of mine so I thought he was someone mutual.Right away he started in with the "where are you and what are you up to".He has a company and has a contract on an oil rig off istanbul now.

He mentioned going to the store to get a card for his computer.

" He wanted me to go on Whats App or Hangouts but I got him over to Kik instead - no personal info/phone number, just a username.

Calls me "honey" and "dear" and "my Queen." Sent me an Instagram request to follow.

I’m emotionally over my scammer, thank goodness, but am still fascinated with this site and read every post as soon as I get an email saying there’s a new post.

Claims to be from Idaho with an American father and Polish mother.

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Thank you Just had it out with this scammer, he admitted to me he is a scammer from Nigeria, sent me his picture.