Non sedating antihistamines generic

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Non sedating antihistamines generic

It typically cost a pharmaceutical company roughly 0 million to 0 million to develop a new drug; that cost is estimated to be closer to 0 million today, a figure that also accounts for failures along the way.A patent lasted 17 years from the date it was issued; it now lasts 20 years from the date the application is filed.

It is above all a case study of how a drug company creates a blockbuster.

Schering-Plough has argued that the patent should be extended because the Food and Drug Administration review of Claritin was unusually ''protracted'' (which, in fact, it was). That report prompted me to read through the transcripts of old F. As I learned more about the approval of Claritin, I realized that the biography of this one drug reveals a great deal about why prescription drugs cost so much to bring to market, and also why health-care economists like Uwe E.

To press its case in Washington, the company has paid millions of dollars in political contributions and assembled a high-powered, strange-bedfellows team of lobbyists (including the former senators Howard Baker and Dennis De Concini, the Gore confidant Peter Knight and Linda Daschle, wife of the Senate minority leader, Tom Daschle); it has also encouraged repeated attempts by Congressional supporters to insert language favorable to Schering into legislation at the last instant. Reinhardt of Princeton University argue that we are paying premium prices for new drugs like these without actually knowing if they are better than the drugs they've replaced.

Claritin's journey from lab bench to marketplace was nearly epic in the time it took, the vicissitudes encountered and the plot twists along the way.

In June 1980, when Schering filed a patent for the group of chemical compounds that included the drug that would eventually be known as Claritin, the world of drug development was quite different.

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Claritin is a drug for our time: designed to relieve symptoms and improve ''quality of life,'' hardly lifesaving or even curative, expensive as hell.

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