Normal age kids start dating

Posted by / 03-Nov-2019 05:24

Normal age kids start dating

Age three is the beginning of a whole new wave of behaviors and abilities.

It’s the earnest start of the long march into and through childhood.

Keep in mind it’s all normal — that’s just how growing up works.

), you are embarking upon the year of the “Threenager” (i.e., 3 going on 13…).

A pair of 3.5-year-olds can play more elaborately, and for longer stretches, than a pair of 3-year-olds (yes, six months makes a serious difference! In fact, most start to favor speaking to other children over speaking to adults.

And seriously, if you can, listen to some of their conversations – they are property disputes, as opposed to just showing interest in jacking each other’s toys whenever they please.

To know for sure, please discuss with your child’s pediatrician.

It’s true: kids get easier at three as they develop empathy, learn how to play together and become better communicators.

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