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This is largely due to the gradual opening up of the Green Line, the de facto dividing line between the two communities – there are now seven crossing points, and two more are under discussion.

The process of entering the north from the south has been made even simpler since Mustafa Akinci became President in 2015 – one of his first acts was to get rid of irksome visa requirements.

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Cyprus is a member of Schengen but has not yet fully implemented it.

Cyprus is a gay-popular destination, although island’s LGBT community and gay scene may come a bit short of expectation. Other LGBT-friendly and gay-owned establishments can be found all over the island.

There’s also the small matter of cost – being outside the Eurozone, the north can feel considerably cheaper than the south, and its tourist infrastructure, though inferior, is gradually improving.

As for sightseeing in the north, you might find that many museums and other places of interest seem rather neglected and old-fashioned, while its hotels and restaurants lack the sophistication of the south.

Whilst socially conservative, Cyprus has enacted LGBT laws to comply with EU requirements.

Same-sex activity is legal and there are limited anti-discrimination laws.

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Between May and October, you can swim and sunbathe on one of Cyprus’ gay beaches.