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Oab lzx files not updating

Offline address book works when the Outlook client is configured in cache mode or when it is in offline mode.So how does offline address book distribution works?Out next task is to assign this new offline address book to recipients of Ottawa city.To do so, type cmdlet, Get-Mailbox -Filter | Set-Mailbox -Offline Address Book “Ottawa OAB” Now we need to update the changes.I created two address lists in my earlier article, Toronto-Address-List and Ottawa-Address-List.Address lists can be viewed by typing Get-Address List cmdlet in EMS as shown below.

So, to create an offline address book as per our requirement, type New-Offline Address Book -Name Ottawa OAB -Address Lists “Ottawa-Address-List” -Virtual Directories “mbg-mail\OAB (Default Web Site)” As you can see in the snapshot above, new offline address book name Ottawa OAB has been created with address list named Ottawa-Address-List.

In this way you can create and apply your own custom offline address book.

For more information about offline address book, log onto Microsoft technet library. Bipin enjoys writing articles and tutorials related to Network technologies.

At first, Autodiscover service provides URL of OAB (Offline Address Book) to outlook clients.

Then, the offline address book is rolled out by OAB virtual directory.

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Here, I will show steps to configure offline address book in Exchange 2013.

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