Obsession webcam

Posted by / 16-Jun-2020 09:25

In order for us to suit specific freestylers preferences, we added two adjustment options to the leading edge so it is possible to adjust the bar pressure.

Furthermore, when using the kite fully powered up, you can easily un-hook and get a very neutral feel when keeping the kite in the same spot.

Tickets are one sale now, and prices increase on September 1: for VIPs, for General, and for designated drivers.

The Obsession PRO MK3 is our new pure blooded PRO freestyle kite.

This is essential for a perfect execution of all the most radical maneuvers.

We did not leave anything to chance and put the entire structure of the kite kite under intense scrutiny.

The Obsession PRO is designed with a very high aspect ratio C-shape that helps create the perfect de-power rope length.

In fact, the whole power range of the kite is within 15-20 cms from the chicken loop, enabling you to have the perfect power control without the need of moving your arms forward.

Each individual kite size in the range, from 7m to 15m, has a unique diameter leading edge that allows for the correct speed of rotation.

The leading edge is progressively increased in diameter towards the smaller sizes to ensure that the speed and handling of each kite in the range feels the same.

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This photo series also appears in the April 2005 issue of Sky and Telescope on page 132. They match very closely what you can see live looking at the color monitor next to the scope.