Obstetric dating and assessment

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However, they should be offered a scan for fetal size and umbilical artery Doppler during the third trimester.

Examination of the pregnant abdomen is performed routinely throughout pregnancy.

Additional information on fetal well-being is assessed by measuring the depth of the biggest liquor pool.

Women with a normal uterine artery Doppler do not require serial measurement of fetal size and serial assessment of well-being with umbilical artery Doppler unless they develop specific pregnancy complications - for example, antepartum haemorrhage or hypertension.

0.92 to 1.15; participants = 27,461; studies = six; I² = 54%).Expectant mothers attend ante-natal check-ups regularly throughout their pregnancy where this is performed by both doctors and midwives.You will get the chance to practice this skill during your obstetrics and gynaecology placement in medical school, however as you will likely encounter pregnant women in whatever area you specialise in, it is an essential skill to be able to perform. This skill demonstrates two areas: There will usually be real patient volunteers for this station so remember to be gentle as your patient may have had her bump examined many times before your turn.Like most stations this still follows the general rule of: Introduce yourself and clarify the patient’s identity. Explain what you would like to do and gain her consent.For this station the patient should be lying on the bed, as flat as possible but in reality whatever is most comfortable for her.

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can be used as a clinical diagnostic tool in late pregnancy to assess the baby's condition when there are complications, or to detect problems which may not otherwise be apparent.

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