Of dating divorced

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Of dating divorced

Maxine: She wasn’t the person she was at the beginning of our relationship.And we were both in transitional phases, going through separate mental-health challenges.RSVPs were already starting to come in and, in my mind, it was too late to go back.Walking down the aisle, I felt like I was making the biggest mistake.Maxine: Depends on the person and how serious I am about them.

I knew I wanted a family and kids and being the wife of a doctor didn’t sound too bad (LOL).Due to California law, we were required to wait at least six months for it to finalize. Maxine: We started the separation process just before our third marriage anniversary.And two years after we separated, we were divorced.But I stayed optimistic and thought I could “fix him.” Then there was infidelity and issues with control.I had to decide if this was how I wanted the rest of my life to be. It was really fun to get back into the dating pool, given I hadn't been on a first date since high school!

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My marriage changed the way I view men and their behavior.