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These guys seem to be creative ones to make it all work.

And my new hobby is things from corrugated paper, a little patience, desire and time and I can create amazing-looking compositions.

My hobby brings me not only insane pleasure, but also an undeniable health benefit, as it calms my nervous system and distracts me from everyday problems. Now I want a man who is really here to create a family, who wants to know me as a person, and take us seriously.

I`m very simple really, and I want to tell you a very rich story of my life, and what kind of a person I am. I`m charming, I have clear principles, I`m smart and I have a sense of humor, I`m very committed in relationships, and I`m fair, because I will also deservedly treat you in the way you treat me! I do dream of a decent man with moral values, who wants to build real love. I have many unspent feelings, and I do need someone to whom I can give them!

Oksana Love, which you can find at Oksana Love.com, is a mail order bride site that caters to men who are looking for a bride from Russia or Dominican Republic.

Membership is not free and there three membership options on which you have to choose from: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

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I want to be with my man in a bad and good moments of life , together forever !