Online dating email call to action

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Online dating email call to action

It’s no secret that shorter emails are read more often and are more effective at getting the attention of the reader.

So, how do you impress the recipient in such little space?

Let’s be honest though, people don’t talk on the phone anymore when they’re dating. Everything comes down to the ability to endear yourself to someone through something downloaded off the App Store ten minutes ago.

For that reason, I’m going to narrow Steve’s topic even further and highlight eight key reasons why email marketing is exactly like using a dating app.

Similarly, if you send a four sentence introduction to someone after swiping right, you’re likely going to come off as someone who likes to talk about themselves or someone who lacks social awareness.

Neither of those are qualities known to lead to romance.

Where had I felt this severe frustration in writing a really convincing AND brief message? Well, unless you’ve spent way too much time doing both of these things (like me). My colleague, Steve Waters, penned an article last year on, “How Prospecting is Like Online Dating: 5 Mistakes Online Daters Can Teach Salespeople.” As a sales guy, Steve talks about getting on the phone, listening, and sharing. I used to play bass way back but these days I’m too busy with work. See how the guy’s email completely leaves her hanging? They have a smoother sound especially when you’re in the smaller venues. It’s important in real-life game but it’s double as important when talking to women online, when they’re willing and able to quickly and easily terminate the conversation with you whenever they want for any reason.The same holds true when swapping messages with someone your age on your phone. There are plenty of studies out there on the best time to send an email. Another trick I learned from our Marketing department here at Discover Org is to make sure your emails don’t go out on holidays. The same holds true when messaging that special someone. You’re supposed to be busy doing interesting things with your hundreds of amazing friends.Someone begging to go out on a date or apologizing for sending too many messages usually ends up stuck at home on Friday night. Emails with inconsistent formatting or typos abound are likely to turn off a recipient. If you ever find yourself sitting at home alone writing crafty message to your matches on a Saturday night – put the phone down!

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If you’re not personalizing your emails and putting the effort into making them catch the recipient’s eye, then you’ll probably fare no better than those firing off two-word intros on dating apps. ” will always yield more and better responses whether you’re trying to get a date or a response to an email.

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