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Predictably enough, given the rehearsal of arguments for and against the Orange Prize in recent years, debate about the women-only literary award intensified. Byatt told the (London) that it was sexist and that she forbade her publishers to submit her novels to the award for consideration.

(2007), opens with the return of a Royal Air Force tailgunner to a German prisoner of war camp where he was interned in World War II. Using internal monologue and switching from first to second person, Kennedy explores both his troubled childhood and his decision to return to a fictional version of the war that has destroyed him.His unfolding of Carrington's struggles with the scientific community showed the importance of personalities and life events in determining the course of scientific inquiry.One reviewer wrote, “The reader is left with the clear sense that science often advances in random, but very human, ways.” Ian Stewart, meanwhile, gave a dramatic account of the history of symmetry from ancient Babylon to the 21st century in (2007).Her third crime novel, by Niall Ferguson, a Scottish professor at Harvard University.Ferguson charted the history of money from ancient times, but his account of the 2008 financial meltdown was marred by its hasty last-minute analysis.

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the provocative novel was an “unadorned portrait of the country as seen from the bottom of the heap,” showing poverty, corruption, and a merciless class system.

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