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Ovechkin dating tennis player

For the NHL, exhibition games are scheduled to return again in 2020. is a global place – one in five residents are foreign born and there are 190 embassies in our marketplace – our arena is also in the heart of D. “This is a unique opportunity for us a team that we feel really excited about.” For Ovechkin, he will look to further cement his position as the NHL’s most popular player globally, and is in the process of launching his own Weibo account, Abrutyn said, with the goal of capturing content during the season specifically for that audience.

Proper said that the league will be engaging in more activities over the course of the upcoming season than it has ever had before, which could include other player visits – likely alumni as to not disrupt the playing season – further investments in grassroots and youth hockey and other events. There has already been interest from both China-based brands and companies to work with Ovechkin, as well as from local personalities who want to create content with him, Abrutyn said.

“Collectively we all feel like we’ve got a responsibility to grow hockey.” Monumental Sports has two corporate partners that are based in China: Alibaba Group and O. “To have our brand go over there and be represented in a tour like this is a great opportunity on multiple fronts,” Van Stone said.

While Ovechkin’s trip is now long over, efforts to grow hockey in China are expected to continue on all fronts this season.

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“I can’t tell you whether or not if Alex went to China three or four years ago if there would have been the same reaction, but I tend to think it wouldn’t have been,” Proper said.

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