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Pa teensexchat

One of them had, in his car, not only sex toys and condoms but duct tape and a gun, all together in one bag to take into the house.

It was basically a show where everyone including the viewers were horrible people.

One of the victims committed suicide ( while the crew were waiting outside his house.

The decoys beg the other chatter over and over to come, and they engage in extremely explicit material themselves. He just happened to be in the wrong chatroom at the wrong time. He had just been chatting with Chris Hanson, if he had a gun he would obviously have pulled it out then. The police there ran at him so fast and rugby-tackled or American football tackled him down on the hard concrete except the guy that did it literally smacked him over the head first after shouting "GET DOWN ON THE GOD DAMN GROUND! I'm sure he really loved acting like he were some kind of hero in a movie, stupid bastard. If they had gone ahead and had the sex by actually luring a 14 year old girl, okay... A huge amount of policemen are some of the most messed up individuals you could ever come across. The last thing you want to do is put any sort of power in these guys' hands.

He engaged in sexual chats and solicited dick pics from an actor who was posing as a 13-year-old.

So far as I'm aware, each and every instance of contact is carefully executed so that there is no luring at all -- the idea for the visit and any acitivities to be done therein always has to come from the suspect, not the faux-teen on the other end of the chat.

Internet predators luring teenagers are the 21st century version of the satanic cult abusing children hysteria the U. had in the 80s and early 90s (check out the book Satantic Panic for a more detailed explanation of how the stupidity works in moral panics).

American statutory rape laws are such that an underaged person can never actually be considered capable of consenting to sex with someone older than them (outside of a narrow age range covered under the Romeo & Juliet laws). Welll, I think it's because it allows local politicians and law enforcement to say they are tough on child predators and it allows lazy or incompetent parents to feel better and believe that someone else is protecting their child.

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Imagine if a man invited a woman to her home and they had sex, and then she found out later he had recorded it and was selling it. If a person invites you into their premises, there is an assumed element of trust, which is why if you fall and break your leg due to their negligance you can sue them for it.

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