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Paul reed smith serial number dating

One exception is the signature models, such as the Santana I and Santana II guitars.In addition to model numbers these guitars have artwork on the fretboard showing a soaring bird.These other companies even though they built great guitars failed to capture the imagination and hearts of thousands of guitarists who could afford to purchase a beautiful guitar. My first contact with Paul Smith was in 1977, this was as a direct result from my conversations with Stanley Whittaker and Rick Kennel of the Maryland based band, "Happy the Man".They were raving about this unknown builder making guitars in his attic.Determine whether the serial number is handwritten or is a graphic reproduction.A handwritten serial number indicates that the guitar was made in the United States.The early PRS guitars were absolutely the best guitars I had ever seen or played in my life.Up until the mass production and CNC manufactured models of 1995 I was recommending PRS guitars to everyone.

In this case these 2 guys were incessantly driving me up the wall.Examine the serial number on the back of the headstock for the letter K.The K indicates that the guitar is a South Korean-made model.Hello, I have a PRS custom 22 wood libary with an east indian rosewood neck that is unfinished and the serial number is stamped in instead of handwritten.I have since been told that all PRS serial numbers are handwritten so mine is not legit.

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I sold very few of the original pre production models that were made between 19.