Phoenix error updating content description error

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If someone needs to create a tagged post in another test they will have to remember to do this.

If you change how you create posts, you will then need to change this in every test that uses it.

It runs on the Erlang VM, and you can write Erlang syntax directly in an Elixir file, but it is designed to provide a much friendier syntax for developers while keeping the speed and fault tolerance of Erlang.

Elixir is dynamically typed, and the syntax feels similar to ruby.

However, it is much more functional than ruby, and has many different idioms and patterns.

If the server has a posts endpoint to get a blog post, a comments endpoint to get the comments on the post, and a users endpoint to get the authors’ names and pictures, a consumer might have to make three separate requests to get the information it needs for one view.I firmly believe that the best way to truly learn a technology is to build something with it, so I decided to take a deep dive and build a web application with all of these technologies together.If you want to skip to the end, the code is on Git Hub and there’s a live demo here.There are two other key concepts in Graph QL: mutations and subscriptions.A mutation is a query that makes a change to the data on the server; it’s the equivalent of a POST/PATCH/PUT in a RESTful API.

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This is a small taste of what you can do with Ex Machina and the Phoenix tests. Conn Test docs and the Ex Machina docs for more examples.