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Fossil bones absorb fluorine from soil and water, so fossils that have been in the same soil for the same amount of time should have roughly the same amount of fluorine.To authenticate that the jaw and skull of Piltdown Man belonged together, the Natural History Museum had Oakley, a scientist uninvolved in Piltdown's discovery, test them in As it turned out, the remains seemed to have similar amounts of fluorine, suggesting they belonged together, but surprisingly they appeared to be much younger than was originally thought -- perhaps only 50, instead ofyears old.Dawson took the specimens to Arthur Smith Woodward, keeper of the British Museum’s paleontology department, who announced the find at a meeting of the Geological Society of London on December 18, 1912.Woodward claimed that the fossils represented a previously unknown species of extinct hominin () that could be the missing evolutionary link between apes and early humans.New techniques finger 19th century amateur fossil hunter in famous forgery.The big-brained, ape-jawed Piltdown Man was hailed as a major missing .The likeliest hand belonged to Charles Dawson, who died almost exactly years ago, De Groote says.An amateur geologist, archaeologist, and historian, he regularly attended meetings of geologists and anthropologists, she notes.

That would have made Piltdown Man a freakish throwback, not a missing link.Far from being the descendant of a dashing general in the hussars, the professor was the son of a Nazi MP, Wilhelm Protsch, Der Spiegel magazine revealed last October.The university is investigating how thousands of documents lodged in the anthropology department relating to the Nazis' gruesome scientific experiments in the s were mysteriously shredded, allegedly under the professor's instructions.But it pointed out that, like all public servants in Germany, the high-profile anthropologist was virtually impossible to sack, and had also proved difficult to pin down. But in earlier remarks to Der Spiegel he insisted that he was the victim of an "intrigue".But my guess is that when he came back from the States 30 years ago he realised he wasn't up to the job of being a professor. Missing links and planted stone age finds Piltdown Man The most infamous of all scientific frauds was unearthed in in a Sussex gravel pit.

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