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I normally don’t write articles discussing new camera bodies like the Sony a6600, nor do I often get into fine detail on camera specs in general.But since I have been shooting with a Sony a6300 for a few years already, and have been eagerly wanting to upgrade to a newer Sony camera, I feel it is a good time for me to jump in on the subject.A few days ago, Panasonic released their new LUMIX S1H.The S1H has gone to town with new features designed to match most filmmakers needs.The features that filmmakers have grown to love in the GH series are now available and improved upon in the full-frame S-Series.Samyang/Rokinon has announced a new ultra-compact, ultra-wide-angle prime for Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras.The front IR and rear telephoto sensors are, of course, absent in any current Pixel phone, leading to the hypothesis that this is for the Pixel 4.We're not entirely certain what the "front IR" sensor is, but it could be for face unlock.

But if your Lightroom Classic is still running too slow for your taste, this video will help you squeeze out more performance Last month, wildlife photographer Chase Dekker captured an incredible moment on camera.

Over the last few years, there have been some infamous incidents of airports being shut down and flights grounded because a camera drone was spotted nearby.

But these accidents have given a group of climate activists an idea: in two weeks, they plan to fly drones inside London Heathrow's no-fly zone as a "symbolic action," possibly shutting down the world's 7th largest airport. As a black-owned, woman-run business, Judah Avenue is both a passion project and an entrepreneurial breakthrough for me. As a girl who was born and raised in Ghana, that simply wasn’t something that was ever presented as a viable path for me.

If the Pixel 4 were to get a telephoto zoom, that would be interesting enough, but it would still leave us with plenty of other questions about what to expect from the camera's hardware, not the least of which being resolution.

It's far from a certainty, but some additional lines from this new Camera APK may just clue us in.

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There, text specifically refers to "telephoto" images having "dimensions 4656×3496, 4656×3492 or 2328×1748." Pictures that size would presumably come from a 16MP sensor.

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